Thursday, July 26, 2012

World Nature Conservation Day - 28th July

Bustling wildlife, flora and fauna, millions of species and sub-species…all these come
together to build our eco-system.And conservation of this delicate life balance is pivotal to our survival.

World Nature Conservation Day is observed on 28th July all over the world with increasing awareness about the precious natural resources. Nature provides us with various indispensable services which has made possible human existence on the planet. Right from the air we breathe to the raw material required for the development process, everything is provided by nature.

Conservation of nature is very pivotal and scientists have already given clarion call regarding Mass Extinction in near future.Many nature documentaries reveal the importance of every resource that nature has bestowed us, yet humans have paid a deaf ear
We are seeing a world where many species are getting pushed onto the brink of extinction and thats a disgrace. 
We have made this planet a sterile world of steel and concrete only to sustain ourselves at the cost of other species. This never is a pessimistic view but there should be importance and equality paid towards the environment and thats where the contributions count commendable.

Nowadays, man become so greedy that he is making money from the nature and natural products as much as he can, as a result of this the nature deteriorates and diminishes. The felling of trees increased to many folds and in many part of the world the forest totally disappeared, it is a matter of serious environmental concern.The rapid development process is putting pressure on the natural resources like air, water, forests, wildlife, fossil fuels & minerals. Excessive and unsustainable use of these resources is causing degradation of nature. Hence the need for ‘Nature Conservation’ is felt all over the world, which is the wise management & utilisation of natural resources.

Some tips that might help you....

  • Participate in the environment awareness activities.
  • Many ponds and lakes should be developed in village areas to store more amount of water
  • Switch off the electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Wise use of resources like paper, fuel etc.
  • Efficient use of water & energy at home.
  • Try to avoid use of plastic bags while shopping.
  • Be a responsible tourist by practicing eco-tourism.
  • Avoid littering around during travel.
  • Appreciate nature and keep vigilance on surrounding nature destruction, inform concerned authorities.

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